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Hacker News

  • I read it (41%, 280 votes)
  • I participate in it (8%, 55 votes)
  • I want nothing to do with it (42%, 282 votes)
  • What is Hacker News (7%, 53 votes)
670 voters. Poll end: 1 week ago

If I see a blog post I like (in my RSS reader or here) I'll very rarely look for hackernews threads on it using because I'm a masochist

I read it from time to time, but often just as a starting point to go to the interesting URL.

And I avoid the comments like the plague.

Hacker News

  • Has a left-wing bias (10%, 58 votes)
  • Is politically neutral (18%, 100 votes)
  • Has a right-wing bias (70%, 380 votes)
538 voters. Poll end: 1 week ago

That poll is meaningless since what's considered a political bias is determined by your own political views (ie. "my opinion is neutral since it's obviously correct, others are biased") and will thus just reflect the bias of your audience.
It is such a weird space. Some of my highest rated comments have been pro-Trades Union, and it's regularly full of people decrying tech monopolies etc.
And then, on some stories, it completely shits the bed.
it's a bunch of different people with sometimes very different views, I don't think attributing an overall political stance to it is meaningful.
@lambda the main problem is the bias of the moderators, who hold a position of power over the entire discourse.
my impression is socially right wing, economically centrist, but with very high variance
And I'd add that a lot of HN's "politically neutral" is of the flavor where people with privilege not only ignore politics because it doesn't matter to them but actively suppress "political" discussions. Yielding in effect a strong status-quo, pro-privilege bias.
i found it depends, among other things, on the time of day. HN has a bunch of progressives on there, but they seem very tired for the most part. I have about a 2 in 3 chance of getting [flagged] [dead] on any post that either mentions i'm trans for useful context or is noticeably left leaning, whereas I see rational skeptic:tm: right leaning centrism ("US centrism") takes be assumed to be the default and correct take all the time.
I specifically don't have comments on my blog, but instead have links to my Mastodon profile and Codeberg account, from where you can easily find my email. I'm happy to discuss anything I've ever written about in those places. Posting links to my blog on HN feels like an end run around my intentions for how I wish to engage with readers. I very much wish it would go away.
I pull the rss feed of the submitted links because often they’re interesting — does that count as “I read it”?
The thing with HN is that there is no better traffic generator than it though. Nothing even comes close from my experience
Missing the option of “don’t read, don’t have much of an opinion since I don’t care to read it, but I am vaguely aware of the reputation”.