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Doing some exploring today in Bellingham.

Finally got an opportunity to make a blood donation today.
Scene from Disenchantment, Elfo sitting in a cage eating a cookie while being drained of blood.

Of course the scenery is pretty awesome as well. 😁
Looking across water at a green mountain side with the sun light highlighting a green field.

One of the things I enjoy traveling is sampling the local brew.
Glass of Ægir Bryggeri Pils next to its can on a table

And now for something completely different. Test post to #bluesky
John Cleese wearing a tux sitting at a desk in the water from Monty Pythons Flying Circus

Since moving to a smaller place I have to work from a corner of the living room. So I got this new sign to inform my family when I'm on a meeting and should keep the noise down.
A neon like sign that reads ON AIR when lit up sitting on top of LCD display.