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Looks like I'm in for a fun time with #nixos 😆

It’s that time again. Having a cookie and giving some blood. 🩸

Here are a couple shots of last night’s light show. #aurora #northernlights

But what i led Bigfoot was hungry?

It may be damp but not letting that stop us from exploring Snoqualmie Falls.

Playing Catan Starfarers this evening.

I really should have been labeling these. I’ll have to go back and do that. But here is Pia the Peacemaker.

Downtown Seattle from Kerry Park Viewpoint

Me: Need to be productive this afternoon.

Also me:

Birthday beer is best beer. 🍻

It’s that time again. Having a cookie and giving some blood. 🩸

One of my favorite moments from last night was seeing the drones do the countdown. Combined with the moon and the fog that was rolling it made for an interesting show.

Playing Wingspan with an unlikely opponent.

Christmas Market at the Seattle Center.

Doing some exploring today in Bellingham.

Finally got an opportunity to make a blood donation today.

Of course the scenery is pretty awesome as well. 😁

One of the things I enjoy traveling is sampling the local brew.

And now for something completely different. Test post to #bluesky

Since moving to a smaller place I have to work from a corner of the living room. So I got this new sign to inform my family when I'm on a meeting and should keep the noise down.